Nachrichten 2018

Di, 11.07.2023
CBBM Lecture "Sleep and circadian dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease: lessons from preclinical studies and future directions"

by Dr. Oliver Rawashdeh, Chronobiology & Sleep Lab, The University of Queensland, Australia

Di, 27.06.2023
CBBM Lecture "Oxytocin and brain development"

by Jin Bao, PhD, Brain Cognition and Brain Disease Institute, Shen Zhen Institute of Advanced...

Di, 09.05.2023
CBBM Lecture "Nutrient-sensing mechanisms in hypothalamic regulation of metabolism" by

by Sabrina Diano, PhD, Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University Irving Medical Center,...

Di, 21.03.2023
CBBM Lecture "East-West, North-South and DST: Human sleep and circadian timing year-round"

by Dr. Eva Winnebeck, Lecturer in Chronobiology, Faculty of Health and Medical...